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Base Staff Agencies
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The Installation and Logistics (I&L) Department provides comprehensive facilities and real property services to MCLB Barstow and other customers including facilities maintenance, utilities, housing, and professional engineering and planning services. Two divisions comprise I&L

The Installation Division provides all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and services necessary to perform services as defined in the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for MCLB and all other customers. The Public Works Division provides professional planning, project management, and engineer services for all work performed outside of the PWS, to include military construction and other special projects. It also administers the PWS and provides comprehensive quality assurance. Public Works also oversees the operation of family housing. The Housing Branch performs the administration, budgeting, and management of family housing quarters, a self-help warehouse and the recreational vehicle storage area.

The Contracting and Purchasing Division provides contracting support to all activities and tenants in support of Marine Corps forces and other customers. For more information please contact (760) 577-6861.

Headquarters Battalion provides administrative, training and logistical guidance in support of Marines and Sailors assigned to the base. Headquarters Battalion also manages all training areas on the base. The battalion commander serves as the commanding officer of all troops aboard the base. HQBN Personnel can be reached at (760) 577-6502.
S-3's mission is to provide planning, coordination and oversight in matters pertaining to organization, training, operations, anti-terrorism/force protection and contingencies in support of the command and tenant activities. For more information, please contact (760) 577-5804.
The Base Safety Office oversees the safety of all personnel who live or work at MCLB Barstow. It also reduces operational costs by minimizing mishaps and lost time injuries through training, identification and elimination of unsafe and hazardous conditions.
For more information, please contact (760) 577-6266.
The Communications Division's mission is to provide secure, reliable, flexible and timely communication services for the base and tenant activities. Its vision is to instill professional excellence within its staff to empower individuals to innovate and achieve seamless communications for its customers.
For more information, please contact (760) 577-6480.

The Contracting and Purchasing office aboard MCLB Barstow is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for both Nebo and Yermo. Our office assists users in submitting requests and obtaining their needs. The goal for our office is to provide timely support to our customers in a professional and courteous manner.

For more information, please contact Corinne Dorado at (760) 577-6389.

HRO provides services and support to its customers in the program areas of employee training development, employee relations, labor relations, recruitment, staffing, placement, classification, compensation and equal employment opportunity.

Because more than 80 percent of the base's personnel are civilian employees, the Human Resources Office plays a vital role in advising and assisting managers and supervisors to recruit, reward, motivate, properly pay, develop and retain quality workers and to promote equal employment opportunities for all.

The Federal Employment Program is based on public law, Presidential Order and regulations issued by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The base's HRO not only advises management officials in operating a proper personnel program but also offers information in response to inquiries from employees and the general public about employment opportunities in the Federal Service.

The Human Resources Office provides advisory service to managers, supervisors and employees on the following program areas: compensation, labor relations, employee relations, position classification, staffing, training and employee development. Functions include recruitment and placement, pay, benefits, workers' compensation, leave administration, recognition/awards, conduct, performance, affirmative employment programs, labor management relationships, contract administration, position management; determine occupational categories and grade levels for pay purposes; determine eligibility and qualifications for positions; refer candidates for vacancies; administer the Merit Promotion Program; recruit locally under the Navy Career Intern Program and the Student Experience Programs (temporary and permanent); and manage and promote effective use of the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System.

The HRO is located in Building 15. It is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Current job information is available by calling (760) 577-6478. More employment information is available at the following websites: and

A Satellite Office is located at Yermo, Building 573 and HR personnel can be reached at (760) 577-7473/7559/7559.

The Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard was formed aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Barstow in 1967 and designated an official Mounted Color Guard by Headquarters Marine Corps in 1968. This is the only remaining Mounted Color Guard in the Marine Corps today. The Bureau of Land Management honored this unit by portraying it on the first edition of the BLM's "Wild Horse" trading cards.

This elite military unit has performed throughout the Western United States, traveling as far as Memphis, Tenn. The Mounted Color Guard has received numerous national awards including Overall High Point Champion and Class Champion from the California National Association of Paraders from 1980 to 1985, 1989 and 1991 to 1997, and Overall Outstanding Equestrian Group from 1987 to 1989. The Mounted Color Guard no longer competes due to military regulations.

In January 1985, the Mounted Color Guard made its first appearance in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Since January 1990, the Mounted Color Guard has consistently participated in the Tournament of Roses Parade. The unit has been given the extreme honor of being the first military unit to lead the parade in 1990, 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2002. The Mounted Color Guard has also participated in events such as the Fiesta Bowl, Super Bowl Parades and Military Finals Rodeos. This unit is active with public schools and participates with the DARE Program and Good Citizenship Programs.

Horses in the unit are wild mustangs of Palomino color adopted from the Bureau of Land Management's Adopt a Horse and Burro Program. The mounts are gentled and trained by the Marines.

The Mounted Color Guard members are active-duty Marines who volunteer their time-evenings, weekends and holidays-and perform these duties in addition to their regular duties. This unit travels all over the Western United States participating in parades, rodeos, and many other numerous events and ceremonies. Call (760) 577-7302 for more information.

SJA provides command legal services and support aboard MCLB Barstow, and legal assistance for military members, family members, and retirees eligible for services. For more information, please contact (760) 577-6878 or (760) 577-6874.
This department enhances mission capability by protecting U.S. homeland and critical bases of operation through risk management, education, and emergency response. Additionally, it provides effective base mobilization and natural disaster contingency planning.
S-1's mission is to provide administrative, advisory, and support services to the command, tenant activities, and other customers. Some of its many functions include providing advisory services on civilian personnel matters, managing military personnel administrative matters, and providing oversight of manpower requirements. S-1 also administers the base historical program, the Government Travel Charge Card Program, the Transportation Incentive Program and prepares the command chronology.
For more information, please contact (760) 577-6559.