The mission of the Rail Operations Group is to provide the highest quality rail operations support and training through safe, efficient and effective movement of equipment and materials. Through the implementation of innovative and streamlined processes, we support our customers' missions and the needs of the United States Marine Corps as well as all Department of Defense Agencies.


The Rail Operations Group has been recognized as the Center for Excellence in Rail Operations and Training for the United States Marine Corps.  We continue to strive to excel in being an efficient and competitive model of excellence for transportation and logistical needs, focusing on customer satisfaction, timeliness, and professional integrity.




Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow offers the only Intermediate-advance rail operations class within the Department of Defense. As the Center for Excellence for Rail Operations training within the Marine Corps, our course is designed to provide our students in relating occupational fields with the necessary knowledge, confidence and experience in conducting rail operations for military movements. The target MOS’s for this course are listed below, but may come from other fields by individuals who have a need for the course curriculum and training.

0402 - Logistics Officer (LtCol to 2ndLt)

0430 - Strategic Mobility / Embarkation Officer (LtCol to WO1)

0431 - Logistics/Embarkation Specialist (SSgt to PVT)

0481 - Landing Support Specialist (SSgt to PVT)

0491 - Logistics/Mobility Chief (MGySgt to GySgt)

3112 - Distribution Management Specialist (SSgt to PVT)


MCLB Barstow offers a variety of training courses and opportunities tailored around the needs and mission requirements of the requesting units.  Through our Mobile Training Teams, We can support training at unit’s home stations, mission support, mission planning, and railhead design and utilization streamlining. 

The main course offered is the Railhead Operations Group Training Course offered at MCLB Barstow, CA.  This course runs approximately two weeks and comprised of classroom and field instruction, as well as support for a real world mission.  Each class is designed to place each student in every facet of rail operations, from planning to execution to completion, each student will be trained in their own MOS tasks, as well as the tasks of supporting MOS’s.  This fosters a better working environment and understanding in the coordination efforts needed to effectively and efficiently execute rail operations.  While the length of the class may vary depending on missions being supported, the class is over at the completion of operations.

For additional information on the course, please contact us for a detailed list of course options as well as requirements for potential students.

The following are the FY-21 Rail Course Dates: 

             RHOG-TC Classes

          CLASS 23-01 -- 10 NOV -  24 NOV

CLASS 23-02 -- 25 JAN -  09 FEB

CLASS 23-03 -- 09 MAR - 23 MAR

CLASS 23-04 -- 06 APR - 20 APR

CLASS 23-05 -- 11 MAY - 25 MAY

CLASS 23-06 -- 08 JUN - 22 JUN

CLASS 23-07 -- 17 AUG - 31 AUG

CLASS 23-08 -- 14 SEP - 28 SEP


RHOG-IC Classes

RHOG-IC 1-23 -- 08 FEB 2023 - 08 MAY 2023

RHOG-IC 2-23 -- 10 MAY 2023 - 07 AUG 2023

RHOG-IC 3-23 -- 03 JUN 2023 - 28 SEP 2023







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Operations Chief

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Operations Work Lead

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Railhead Operations Group Lead Instructor

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Railhead Operations Group Instructors

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Rail Operations Round House
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