One resource the Community Outreach Office provides is the opportunity to participate in an organizational group and individual tours aboard the base. These tours allow groups to learn more about MCLB Barstow and the Marine Corps as a whole. Tour groups must provide their own transportation and only one vehicle will be allowed per tour. There is a 60-day minimum requirement for visitors to submit an organizational group tour request via DD form 2536 to our address or fax.

Sponsored Visits
Depending upon MCLB Barstow's security concerns, authorized sponsor (active duty, retired military or base resident) visits can be conducted. Proper identification (driver's license), vehicle registration, current proof of vehicle insurance and an authorized sponsor are needed to access the base. For additional information, please visit our Base Access page.

Special Requests

In addition to offering group tours of the base, the Community Outreach Office can assist in facilitating requests for military participation or involvement in community events. However, there are certain restrictions regarding military support of various events. Acceptable requests will be in support of events that are open to the public and are of community-wide interest. The United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy have restrictions governing the support of events at sites owned or leased by religious, political and special interest organizations, or for organizations that may discredit the U.S. Armed Forces. In addition, service members cannot officially participate in beauty pageants, or serve as escorts for events of a similar nature. Requests for participation for certain holidays, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day, will be considered on the basis of participant availability and unit operational commitments. The main types of special requests include but are not limited to:

  • Military equipment and personnel static display(must submit DD form 2536 not less than 60 days.)
  • Guest speaker (must submit DD form 2536 at least 90 days in advance)
  • Mounted Color Guard, Color Guard or funeral details (must submit DD Form 2536 at least 45 days in advance for Color Guard; One year in advance for the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard)
  • Special base tours (must submit DD form 2536 at least 45 days in advance)

All requests must be submitted within the above stated deadlines. Please submit signed request forms to the address or fax us at the number provided below. To find a local U.S. Marine Corps Reserve unit, go to:

Contact Us

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The mission of the Community Outreach Office is to encourage a positive and proactive military and civilian relationship between Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow and the local communities surrounding the base. The Community Outreach Office strives to boost the public's awareness of the unique elements and contributions of the U. S. Marine Corps through direct interaction with Marines from the base.