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Everyday Hero: Officer Jose Caceres receives third award

By Laurie Pearson | Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow | May 29, 2018


   Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, 33rd Assembly District, presented Jose Caceres, an officer with Marine Corps Police Department aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, with an Everyday Hero Award at an awards dinner held at Sunset Hills Memorial Park, in Apple Valley, Calif., May 3.

   The Everyday Hero Awards are a tool used by Assemblyman Obernolte to recognize the men and women in uniform who work to keep citizens safe. His office accepts nominations of law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians who should be recognized for achieving excellence in their field, for their commitment to maintaining high standards and for motivating those around them.

   “Since Joining the department in March 2016, Officer Jose Caceres has continually been a top performer and a valuable member of the Marine Corps Police Department, Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow,” stated Darwin O’neal, MCPD chief on base. “He has continually strived to improve upon his technical and tactical proficiency and his work product is always thorough, complete and well structured. During 2017, Officer Caceres played a vital role in the proactive effort by the police department to minimize the reported theft and vandalism of staged U.S. Army rail transported equipment en route to the National Training Center on Fort Irwin, Calif., via the Yermo Annex aboard MCLB Barstow.”

   These efforts resulted in a substantive decrease in the reported theft and vandalism of Army equipment over the interim and Caceres’ actions were consistent with his initiative and dedication to duty, O’neal continued.

   Other awards he received were Officer of the Quarter in 2016 and Officer of the Year in fall of 2017 making this his third award in just over two years working as a police officer on base.

   “It’s not expected but it feels good to be recognized,” said Caceres. “It’s nice when other people notice the job that you do and it builds morale. It’s what I’ve been like all my life, as a service member, as a correctional officer and now as a police officer. I love the people and serving.”

   In the U.S. Navy, Caceres was a Master at Arms for thirteen years on active duty and still serves in the Naval Reserves. He then worked in Adelanto for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a correctional officer before accepting the opportunity to work here for MCLB Barstow.

   “I won some awards there, too, in those jobs,” he said with a humble smile. “My family is always proud of what I do.”  

   When not policing, Caceres’ swaps his law enforcement hat for his family-man hat. His wife Alma is a substitute teacher for Apple Valley School district and they have four children: Kevin, 16; Juliana, 13; Christopher, 5; Sophia, 2. 

   “We do a lot of stuff together, and I’m hoping that we’re building great memories for our children,” he said. “We like to go camping, use our jet skis, and go fishing together.”

   He remains humble about his awards, stating that he thinks it has a lot to do with taking the initiative to get involved and get others involved. He said keeping a positive attitude about whatever challenges people face is really important.

   “The department as a whole has a lot of potential for great things in the future,” Caceres said. “The opportunities are there and I plan to embrace those opportunities when they’re given. My focus is on embracing the challenges and then focusing on the possibility of promoting. That keeps me motivated.”

   Motivation is one of the key characteristics noted by his chain of command, in addition to other notable qualities which make him stand out in a great way.

   “He is a consummate professional, and his work ethic, dedication to duty, leadership and positive attitude are qualities that his fellow department officers and employees should aspire to attain,” O’neal said. “His performance and accomplishments were evident in his selection as both Marine of the Quarter and Marine of the Year. He is to be commended and is truly deserving of this recognition.”