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Girl filing doc: Taneshi Noel, student clerk at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow’s Human Resource Office, files documents, June 23. New summer hires here are gaining on the job experience for future careers.

Photo by Krista Cacace

MCLB Barstow welcomes student summer hires

26 Jun 2014 | Krista Cacace and Nate Lopez Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow

On June 11, Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif., welcomed 11 new summer hires to the base.

Seven are in clerk positions; the remaining four have been hired on as laborers in facilities maintenance.

The command directors and special staff here were given authorization to hire students for 89 days. This benefits the departments by adding extra personnel.

It provides job experience that the students can use on their resumes as well, explained Esther Gonzales, manager with the Human Resource Office.

The new student hires have been placed all over MCLB Barstow, from HRO to facilities maintenance. Each student has a different reason that brought him or her to the summer program.

“I applied to be able to save money for school,” said Ian Manness, laborer working in facilities maintenance.

Andrea Kolwyck, facilities maintenance, said, “I needed money to support my son.” 

The student hires all explained job experience was their main reason for applying for the positions. 

Having the first week under their belts, the students were asked what they thought about the program so far.

 “I love it, it has encouraged me to seek a federal job,” said Patty Rangel, student clerk in the Marine Corps Police Department.

 Taneshi Noel, student clerk in HRO, is happy to get away from retail jobs.

“I really like it, I catch myself smiling, and I’m really excited to be here,” said Noel.

While gaining new knowledge to add to their resumes, these student interns are enjoying the summer program.

“I like it, there are many different areas that (the operations section) deals with … it is challenging,” said Steven Roesch, student clerk.

The students were selected and placed in departments based on their resumes, said Lucy Wais, head of recruitment placement and operations in HRO.

The students explained they like the hands-on experience they are gaining through the program. 

“I like always having something to do,” said Noel. “I find myself paying close attention every time I’m given a task … given the opportunity, I would love to get hired here permanently.”

The student laborers, working through facilities maintenance here, really like it explained, Danielle Wilson, student hire.

“I really enjoy how everyone helps each other, the teamwork is great,” she explained.

“Hiring students is always a great opportunity for federal agencies. This opportunity affords MCLB Barstow an opportunity to promote working for the federal government and it’s a great learning experience for the students. They get to understand how MCLB works and what it does to support our military personnel,” said Wais.