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Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow


Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow

Barstow, California
ROMEOS tour MCLB Barstow

By Cpl. Samuel Ranney | | July 22, 2014

After multiple decades of being in the workforce, many people look forward to retirement; however, retirement doesn’t have to consist of sitting at home all day.
This is the philosophy of the ROMEOS, Retired Old Men Eating Out, from the Sun City retirement community in Apple Valley, Calif. The group of men believe in maintaining an active and social lifestyle during their retirement years.
“We all get together once a month for lunch and a different activity,” explained Armando Berriez, retired school consultant and one of the founders of the Apple Valley ROMEOS. “We have a very diverse group … each month a different person chooses where we eat and what activity we do.”
The entire group consists of about 40 men, Berriez added. Because of the diversity, and rotations of who chooses the activity, it’s always very interesting. It can be anything, from playing pool or bocce ball to touring military installations.
On July 21, the group toured Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif.
“We didn’t know what to expect … but whenever there is a chance to go somewhere new we take it,” he explained.
Louie Levario, Korean War veteran and member of the ROMEOS, helped come up with the idea of touring the base for this month’s activity.
“I have lived in Barstow for many years and have known many people who worked here,” Levario said. “However, I have never actually been on the base until today … it was great.”
The base tour consisted of a briefing about the overall mission of MCLB Barstow, a tour of the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard’s stables, a static display of various military vehicles, a demonstration of an assault amphibious vehicle on the base’s test track, and of course, lunch at the base’s family restaurant.
“It was beyond expectation … we never knew how much went on here,” Berriez said. “It was a unique treat and we appreciated the time with the Marines.” 
Overall, the ROMEOS are a group of men who like to get out, have fun and talk about life, Berriez explained.
“As you retire, you need to be mindful with how you want to spend the rest of your life,” he added. “We like to go out and do things together … instead of staying home and watching T.V.”