The Legal Assistance Office at the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) is tasked with providing free attorney and paralegal assistance to uniformed service members, their eligible dependents, retirees, and other eligible clients regarding personal civil legal matters.  “Dependents” are those persons identified in the sponsor’s service record and/or who possess a valid United States Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (This is NOT a Common Access Card (CAC)). Legal Assistance attorneys are available to assist eligible clients with a variety of legal issues, to include wills, powers of attorney, notaries, and other matters listed below.

Please see below for more information on your particular issue or contact our office at, (760) 577-6748, with any additional inquires you may have. 

Matters Handled By Appointment Only

• Step-Parent Adoption and Guardianship

• Bills of Sale

• Child Support and Custody

• Consumer Law Issues

• Uncontested Divorce

• Family Law Issues

• Immigration (Citizenship)

• Landlord/Tenant Disputes

• Service Members’ Civil Relief Act



 Services Not Provided By Legal Assistance

• Annulments

• Bankruptcy

• Criminal Matters

• Civilian Restraining Orders/Military Protective Orders (MPO)

• Contested Divorces


• Employment Disputes

• Probate

• Matters against the Armed Forces or Government entities 




Scheduling an Appointment

The Legal Assistance Office is located at Building 236 on board Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB).  Normal business hours are Monday through Thursday 0800 – 1630 and Friday 0800 – 1500.  Our telephone number is (760) 577-6748.  You may walk in during normal business hours to seek assistance.  In order to provide better legal assistance, please bring all relevant paperwork and refrain from bringing children to your appointment so we can have your undivided attention.


Powers of Attorney

Note:  Do not sign any document which you need notarized until you are in the presence of a notary!

Power of Attorney paperwork can be picked up during normal office hours, or you may download and print the following documents from the links below:


Special Power of Attorney (Fill in the Blanks)

Grants another person the right to perform acts you choose in your name.




General Power of Attorney

Grants another person the right to perform all acts in your name. 

Special Power of Attorney 

Used to allow other caregivers to act in your place while taking care of your children.


Special Power of Attorney Vehicle

Used to let another person use and take care of your vehicle.




Notary Public Hours

Monday – Thursday 0800 – 1600 and Friday 0800 - 1200

NOTE: The Legal Services Office is currently short-staffed and notarial services may not be available on Fridays. Please call (760)-577-6748 to schedule an appointment.

The signer MUST appear in front of the notary public or the requestor must present the original Power of Attorney. Please note this office cannot certify a true copy without viewing the original. Also, please ensure your out-of-state documents do not require a state specific notary. Additionally, please be advised we cannot certify true public registered or court documents (i.e. birth certificates, court orders, etc.).




The Legal Assistance Office can assist in preparing BASIC will documents and related documents (healthcare directives & durable financial powers of attorney).  In order to assist you in preparing your will, you will need to come in to our office and sign up for the will brief.  The will brief is held every Friday at 1200.  Once you have attended the will brief and turned in a completed will questionnaire, our office will begin preparing your will.  The normal turn-around-time for a will is no more than 10 business days.  We will contact you upon completion and review of your will to set an appointment for your will execution, which will require your returning to our office.  For more information on whether or not our office can be of assistance please contact us. 



Divorce (Uncontested)


In order for our office to assist you in your divorce, we strongly recommend you attend the dissolution brief which takes place every Wednesday at 0800 in the Legal Assistance Office at Twentynine Palms, which is located at Building 1514 on board Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (between the Fire Department and the Base Theatre, next to the Main Exchange).  Sign up in person or by phone, (760) 830-6111.



*Note: Both spouses should attend the brief.


To file for divorce, at least one spouse must meet the residency requirements.

• Lived in the county for three months;

• Lived in the state for six months; and

• If the couple has children, they must live in California.


Uncontested means both spouses agree on all issues pertaining to the divorce:

• Dividing your property and debts;

• Spousal support;

• Retirement benefits;

• Custody of your children;

• Visitation; and

• Child support.


*NOTE: Our office does not handle contested divorces!



After attending the dissolution brief, if you and your spouse have decided to attend mediation, you can make an appointment for mediation at the Twentynine Palms Legal Office.  In order to schedule mediation, you must attend the dissolution brief and subsequently file a petition with the court.  Bring all documents concerning your dissolution, including but not limited to: court paperwork, your current Leave and Earning Statement and /or pay stubs, bank account information, credit card information, and vehicle information.




The Legal Assistance Office provides income tax preparation and electronic filing services as part of its income tax assistance program.  Our preparers have been certified by the IRS for income tax preparation and all returns have multiple levels of review before submission.  To make an appointment for tax preparation services, call (760) 577-6748. The Tax center will be open starting January 26th in building in the SJA Office of the Magistrate Court Building 236 (by appointment only – please call for availability). 


Resources – Service members’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

• SCRA - Highlights

• SCRA - Letter for Vehicle Lease

• SCRA - Letter for Stay

• SCRA - Letter for Residential Lease

• SCRA - Letter for Reduced Rate of Interest


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Other Area Legal Assistance Offices:

Legal Assistance Office

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