"The mission of S-4 Staff and Facilities (SF) Department is to provide world-class facilities and base operating support services to our base staff and tenant organizations so they can fully dedicate themselves to accomplishing their respective missions. One third of installation employees work in I&L Department and they manage two thirds of the installation's operating funds. Four divisions comprise I&L Department and each contributes to meeting overall mission requirements.

 Installation Division provides all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, services necessary to perform in-house facilities maintenance and repair, operations of utilities plants, and landscaping services.

 Public Works Division provides facilities planning, project scoping and estimating, project management, contract quality assurance and oversight, work order database administration, geographical information systems (GIS) management, real estate coordination, and operation of family housing.

Environmental Division ensures installation compliance with environmental laws and regulations while providing natural/cultural resource management, national environmental policy act (NEPA) coordination, hazardous materials and waste management, qualified recycling program management, operation of a pollution prevention program, lead and asbestos monitoring, and management of all other environmental media areas.

 Supply Division provides inventory management of Garrison Personal Property and retail supply support for MCLB Barstow departments and tenant activities, Maintenance Center and for other DOD activities that use the services of the base."

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