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Reporting In
Arrival and check-in requirements need to be coordinated with your sponsor (if assigned), or the  S-1 Manpower Department at (760) 577-6375/6308/6176. Your check-in process will begin at the S-1 Manpower Department located in Building 15 (end of North Wing). Your check-in sheet, along with your sponsor, will guide you through the process.

Reporting After Hours
After 16:30 p.m. on weekdays, weekends and holidays, personnel should report to the base duty officer at (760) 559-7193 to receive specific instructions. You will be required to check-in at 0800 with the S-1 Manpower Department the next business day.

Additional Information

All permanent personnel reporting to MCLB Barstow are authorized commuted rations (COMRATS). All single E5 and below personnel will be assigned a room in the barracks. Married personnel or personnel E6 and above are authorized temporary lodging expense for up to 10 days. A statement of non-availability can be obtained by contacting (760) 577-6418.

To minimize or avoid a delay in housing assignment upon arrival, military personnel with accompanying family members should contact the Housing Office as soon as they become aware of their duty station change. Notification and/or applications may be submitted via the following:
Phone (760) 577-6707
DSN Phone 282 plus one of the following ext. 6707, 6872 or 5810
Fax: (760) 577-6071
DSN Fax: 282-6071

Be sure to:

  • State any special needs, such as handicap ramp, in the remarks column.

  • Specify any married dependents (i.e., parents) since they will occupy the same bedroom.

  • Include your spouse's birth date even though that block is shaded on the application.

  • Include work, home, cell and vacation phone numbers.

  • State date housing is needed.

Application for assignment to Housing

Note: Two common pets are allowed. Potentially dangerous dogs, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweiler's, are not allowed aboard the installation. Please see housing office for official list.

Note: Although base housing is not mandatory, Marines must contact the MCLB command before securing off-base housing. Once cleared through the command, Marines are advised to contact the Fort Irwin Housing Referral Office at (760) 380-3576 or DSN: 470-3576/3577, or visit the Automated Housing Referral Network at   for a listing of suitable houses in town.

The Housing Office is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Relocation Assistance Office is located in Building 126. Personnel there can help you prepare for your move to a new duty station, help you find that "perfect" place to settle after military service, and provide incoming personnel with information on the Barstow or High Desert area.

You to look up your next duty station and download/print out information about schools, housing costs, employment and things to do in the area at

Call (760) 577-6675 or DSN 252-6675. PCSing soon? Schedule a PCS Workshop and make a Check-out appointment.


The Oasis Temporary Lodging Facility offers short-term housing accommodations for military members, their families and guests. For lodging availability and 24-hour message service, call (760) 577-6418. The TLF office is located in Building 185, Room "A" and is open seven days a week, 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Common Access Cards and military/family member ID cards (including Retirees, Reserve, National Guard and disabled veterans with proper documentation) are available at the Pass and ID section. The Pass and ID section is located in Building 236, MCLB Barstow. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm (closed, 11:00 am to 11:30 am) and Friday, 7:00 am to noon. Pass and ID is closed on weekends and holidays. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment to avoid any inconvenience. Call (760) 577-6371 or 577-6969 to schedule an appointment, or for more information.


Temporary and permanent vehicle decals are issued for military/civilian members and contractors working aboard MCLB Barstow. Personnel reporting for duty must register their vehicles with the Pass and ID section within 30 days of their reporting date. The driver must present a current and valid state registration, driver's license and proof of liability insurance required under California law ($15,000 for injury or death of one person per accident, $30,000 for injury or death of two or more persons per accident and $5,000 for property damage per accident), military ID card or civilian/contractor badge or check-in sheet.

All vehicles are subject to inspection/search upon entering the installation.

All military members aboard the base who are 26-years-old or younger are required to take a Driver's Improvement Course. The Headquarters Battalion S-3 Office coordinates with the Base Licensing Office to conduct classes and issue completion certificates.

In addition to all vehicle registration requirements, motorcycle operators must pass a motorcycle safety course offered by the base's Ground Safety Department prior to the issuance of a decal. Call (760) 577-6457/6969/6371 for more information.


All firearms and dangerous weapons, to include BB guns, pellet guns, blow guns, air-operated weapons, K-bars and hunting knives with blade lengths more than four inches, bows and arrows, dart guns and sling shots, must be registered with the Pass and ID section, (760) 577-6457/6969/6371, within 24 hours of the first work day after the weapon is brought aboard the base. All sergeants (E-5) and below who live in the barracks must store their firearms in the base armory or off base. All staff sergeants (E-6) and above may store their weapons in their BEQ/BOQ room.

While pending registration, firearms and dangerous weapons will not be maintained in the bachelor enlisted quarters, Temporary Lodging Facility or inside a privately owned vehicle. These firearms and weapons will be stored in the base armory. Firearms and dangerous weapons not properly registered or stored are subject to confiscation by military police.


Public education is provided by the Barstow Unified School District which has thirteen elementary schools, nine private schools and a community college (Barstow College).


Barstow College offers educational opportunities from transfer level courses leading to an advanced degree, to community service classes (or workshops) designed for continuing education, vocational enhancement, avocation or personal development pursuits. The Barstow College campus is located on Barstow Road overlooking the city, the Mojave River, and the Calico Mountains. The campus is an attractive green oasis in the desert with a variety of palm, cypress, oak and olive trees that form an ideal setting for student learning. Some facilities available on the campus are a large gymnasium (James R. Parks), a childcare facility (Child Care America), a comfortable meeting hall (the Norman Smith Center) and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Contact a campus counselor to see how you can take advantage of the various services offered, take required assessment tests, attend a new student orientation, and obtain all information necessary for registration. Call (760) 252-2411 or visit their website at

School Liaison Program

The School Liaison Program provides the following services:

  1. Addressing issues with youth registration in the local school system.
  2. Coordinating education transition related resources and points of contacts within school and community.
  3. Collaborating with parents to ensure academic success.
  4. Educating parents on the local school system policies, procedures, programs, and schedules.
  5. Supplying resource materials on primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

For assistance please call Adam Diaz at 760.577.5854. 

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